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DATO was born in Tbilisi (Georgia). He is a person of culture and peace.

He's a singer and a composer, arranges his own songs and writes most of the lyrics for them.

DATO plays almost every instrument there is, except the brass and the winds. He sings in 7 languages: English, Russian, Georgian, Spanish, Turkish, Armenian and Ukrainian.

He has been keen on music since his childhood years, was a member of a Georgian band called 'Flash'. DATO dropped out of college to pursue his singing career and went to sing at a festival of a-capella.

Later, in the 90s, DATO joined 'Sahe' (the band's name means 'face').
The first track with rather frivolous lyrics became an overnight sensation in the country.
After releasing the first commercially successful single the band arranged a solo concert in Tbilisi Philharmonic Concert Hall, which seats 3000 people.
The musicians were apprehensive about attendance, but the concert sold out and those who didn't get the tickets caused some damage to the building trying to get in. All the proceeds from the concerts went to repair the building.

DATO started his solo career with the Grand prize of 'Slavyansky bazaar' festival in Kiev, Ukraine.
Another festival 'Voice of Asia' (Almaty, Kazahstan) followed shortly and brought DATO Public's Choice award.
DATO’s version of 'Chito Gvrito' was played in numerous dance clubs and on the radio stations all over CIS.
DATO released his two solo albums in Georgia, twice filled the Sports Palace in Tbilisi to capacity.

DATO ran for the Georgian Parliament and got elected, but his political career was interrupted after being an MP for 15 minutes.
When the first session started, they played the national anthem and the 'Revolution of Roses' turned people's life upside down.

DATO moved to Moscow and started from scratch. He released his first Russian solo album in 2005.
DATO released a unique video 'Sand dream' featuring Sand drawing by an Israeli artist Ilana Yahav. It was presented at the 'Cannes' lions' festival, New York Film and video festival and Short Film festival Clermont-Ferraud.
It represented Russia in Vinterfestivalen in Scandinavia. The video was broadcasted on Russia’s major channels and caused a tremendous public interest.
After putting it on Youtube, it received approximately million views within the first few days.
After the release of 'Sand Dream' Russian and foreign channels saw advertisements using the same technology and it can be said that it was DATO
who brought this new style into the Russian show-business.

Hobbies and interests

DATO used to be keen on paragliding.

he collects rare autos.
The singer owns two mustangs in Tbilisi and one of them is especially dear to his heart, because it was given as a gift to a Soviet tennis player in Wimbledon and was brought to Georgia from the UK.

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