Presskit for DATO



In 2006 DATO recorded 'Janaya' with a Russian hip-hop artist Ligalize.
'Sever Production' made a video for the song in October 2006 and it was presented on MTV Russia on 1 January 2007.
'Janaya' was used in the soundtrack for 'Club', an MTV series and a live version was also filmed for it.
The song also featured in commercials for a new service from one of the biggest Russian mobile operators.


'Ona' ('She') video was filmed in Sweden at the invitation of 'Power House', a Swedish TV academy.
The filming was done on an uninhibited island, in an underground town and a studio; on the last shooting day E-4, one of the main European motorways was closed for 2 days for the filming purposes.
Swedish media extensively covered the filming.


In 2008 DATO startet to get his hands on promoting. Thanks to his and Gela Gogokhia's (his manager) efforts, the name of 'Basic Element', a Swedish dance band, became widely known is CIS countries.
DATO opened his recording studio called 'Art Land'. The singer's company of the same name secures an exclusive deal with iTunes and offers records from Transcaucasian countries to it.
Also in 2008 DATO began recording dance tracks. The first one of this kind, Deja Vu, appeared in the playlists of the trendiest radio stations of Moscow in the beginning of January 2008.
The song stormed the charts and DATO 's team decided to make a video for it, which was filmed in Stockholm.
A group of experienced clip makers, having worked with different European artists, were involved in making this video.
The video was made in three languages – Georgian, Russian and English and was presented April 4th 2009 on, one of the biggest search engines on Russian internet.
The Russian version made it into the top 3 dance tracks of the year on many Russian radio stations.
DATO was invited several times to perform on a major large-scale dance fests in Russia.


In 2009 DATO was awarded with Big Apple Music Award in the United States.
DATO represented two countries — Georgia and Russia — in the ceremony and received two awards:
'Best Music Video' award for «Sand Dream» and 'Best European Artist' award according to the Big Apple Music Awards Academy.
On November 15th 2009 the Big Apple Music Awards ceremony took place in Manhattan Centre, New York.
Awards in 22 nominations were given during a two hour long ceremony to the best musicians, according to the Big Apple Music Awards Academy.
0n July 18 2009 DATO became the first Russian artist whose program for the trendy Apple iPhone gadgets was available on Apple Store.


Having achieved success with 'Deja Vu', DATO recorded the second 'Euro Dance' track in two languages: 'Cherno-belaya noch' in Russian and 'Flashing Lights' in English.The song was finalized in the Stockholm studio and the track was dutifully included into the playlists of many big and fashionable radio stations in Russia and CIS countries.
The video for the song was made by 'Bridge Media' using footage from Dato's live performances. DATO sang the song on the biggest Russian school-leavers' ball in Concert hall 'Rossija' in 2010.
In the middle of summer 2010 DATO released another dance track. The producers of well-known Swedish acts 'Basic Element' and In-Grid worked with Dato, who habitually penned the music, on recording the song. Art Land studio produced the track; the video for it was also made in Sweden.
‘Straight Through My Heart’ is produced in the Eurodance style. A video for the track will start shooting in July 2010 in Sweden by an American team led by two directors Konstantin Cherepkov (Russia) and Cikura (Sweden), The cameraman's duties were given to Joshua Reis, who worked on videos of Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, John Legend, Soulja Boy, Seal and many other artists, soon after the released it became a hit, it was broadcasted all over the major Swedish TV channels which brought quite a fame for DATO.


During the year of 2011 DATO was touring quite a lot with ‘Fusion Ballet’. in Between he managed to record a new romantic song called «Ya lubil» (I loved you). By the end of the year they shot the video for it with a famous russian actress Maria Berseneva. It was the first time after a long break that the shooting took place in Moscow. Just days before New Year Dato organised a presentation of his video for a narrow range of russian show-business representatives.


The official premier of the video for the song «Ya lubil» was held on Saint Valentine's Day on all TV channels of Russia and Former USSR republics.

DATO didn`t stop there and was looking for something new. Due to DATO always seeking and experimenting new and different sounds and music, he found it quite interesting when a cuban live band ‘Del Caribe’ was introduced To him and since then a productive professional relationship has formed between the two.

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